Reasons to Install Ducted Air Conditioning in Your Home

If you want to make your home as comfortable as possible so you love spending time there, you could install ducted air conditioning. Here are several reasons to do so.


Ducted air conditioners are visually discreet and don't occupy room space with bulky units. The indoor component is typically placed in the ceiling cavity, and the ducts spread from this point to each room. The only evidence of the air conditioner from within the rooms is the vents on the floor, walls or ceiling. You won't have to destroy a room's ambience with a piece of machinery.

This discreetness is particularly helpful in compact spaces, as it allows for cooling (and heating if it's a reverse cycle) in bathrooms, powder rooms and hallways. Not only do ducted systems maximise space, but they're also quiet, as the operating machine and fan are at a distance in the ceiling rather than nearby in the room.


Ducted air conditioning is also a comprehensive solution to making your home comfortable. With one unit in the ceiling, you can cool the entire house by extending the ducts to the rooms you want connected. You don't have to install multiple indoor units to cover different areas of your home or leave some rooms without cooling. The duct network is customisable and can be built in any configuration, including for two-story homes. You will, however, need a powerful indoor component in the ceiling for the areas it needs to cover.


Ducted air conditioning is a flexible option when it comes to home cooling, especially if you opt for a zoned system. These setups allow you to divide your home into zones for which you can set specific temperatures. For example, you could put the bedrooms together in a zone and select the perfect temperature at night for a good sleep. You can also set the zoning up in terms of other features, such as room size. For example, put small rooms in a separate zone, as they will need less cooling than large rooms.

Ducted air conditioning is flexible in other ways, as it can come with a timer and smartphone connection. These features let you fine-tune the cooling by setting it to turn on and off at particular times, which leaves you free to think of other things besides the air conditioner. A WiFi-connected service allows you to adjust the settings from anywhere. A reverse-cycle ducted system gives you further options, as you can heat and cool your house with the air conditioner.

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