Why Split System Air Conditioners Are Perfect For Your Family Room This Winter

Air conditioners are an essential part of home and work-life in Australia, with many systems pumping out precious cold air from morning to night in the peak of summer. However, what many people underrate is just how cold many parts of Australia can get during the winter. Most people focus solely on choosing an air conditioner that is best at cooling the whole house during summer and completely ignore how well it can heat a room in winter. That is why split systems can be so underrated and why you should definitely consider them for your air conditioning choice this winter.

Better At Heating Single Rooms

Most people spend the bulk of their time at home in one or two rooms; the living or lounge room and their bedroom. While centrally located ducted air conditioning is good at keeping a whole house at the same temperature it falls apart when you need to focus on one room quickly. Split systems are located entirely in one room, which gives them a huge advantage when it comes to heating up your most-used room. For those that spend almost all of their time in one or two rooms split systems better suit their needs.

Cheaper To Install And Maintain

The ongoing maintenance cost of your air conditioning should not be forgotten about when factoring in the price. For both the initial price and the ongoing cost your traditional split systems will be far cheaper than their ducted cousins. That might not be such an issue in summer, where the days are longer and you have less power usage in general. However, in winter the days are shorter (so the lights get used more), you have a lot more power-intensive accessories (from electric blankets to foot warmers) and your hot water usage skyrockets all adding up to a larger bill. Split systems can ease the pressure by only focusing on your main room, rather than heating unnecessary extremities of your home.

Get It Done Quickly

Ducted air conditioning systems not only cost more but take far longer to install. There is a good reason for this of course, as installing a whole system of vents and a centrally located air conditioning system is not easy. But the fact remains that split systems take only a few hours on a single day to properly install. If your current air conditioning system has broken down and you are looking for an immediate fix then you simply cannot go past a split system. For most people, all the benefits of these split systems add up to an easy choice and, because of this demand, there are a lot more professionals who can install them and respond to your order far quicker.