Benefits Of Multi-Zone Split-System Air Conditioning

A comfortably cool home is essential for everyone's sense of well-being and happiness. Even in extreme heat, people can relax at home or productively work in an office or study if the building has air conditioning. Multi-zone split-system air conditioning that consists of one outdoor unit connected to multiple inside ones offers several advantages, which you can discover below. 

Caters To Different Preferences

On the same day, some might dress in t-shirts while others might wear jumpers. Such different experiences and tastes can cause havoc and many fights when setting the thermostat for home air conditioning. Multi-zone systems, however, come to the rescue by offering a central unit on which you can vary the temperatures in different areas. Thus, for instance, you can set a kitchen to be cooler than a living room or one bedroom to be warmer than another, easing many conflicts in the process. 

After all, you probably don't have one central TV which beams the same show to various screens throughout the home. In place of such a centralised system, each room probably has its own TV or streaming controls. Multi-zone split-system AC offers this individualised control for cooling.

More Efficient Energy Use

Not only does such flexibility help with diverse preferences and tastes, but it also helps with energy efficiency. You could have a room that you haven't used for weeks or months. For example, a guest room might typically remain empty. Air conditioning that is running at full speed into these areas is using unnecessary energy. With flexible control, you can adjust the settings for such areas to conserve energy. This allows you to feel comfortable about putting vents into less frequently used areas, such as a garage, because you can turn the cooling up and down as you wish. 

Cleans The Air

Air conditioning units come with various filters and dehumidifiers; thus, you can clean and freshen your home while creating a cool environment. This is good news for any asthma or allergy sufferers in your home. Additionally, humidity can cause mould and bacteria to multiply, which not only creates unhealthy air but can also damage furnishings and your home structure.

Centralised Unit Convenience

While these units offer control over distinct areas, they provide the convenience of a centralised unit on which you can see the temperature settings of the entire home at a glance. You don't have to walk around to different rooms and areas to check and adjust temperatures.

To learn more about split-system air conditioning, contact an HVAC contractor.