Summer Ducted Air Conditioning Tips

Summer is a season when you don't want to miss a properly functional air conditioner in your home. A ducted air conditioner, for instance, can play a huge role in ensuring that your room temperature is brought to manageable limits.

Unlike most ACs, the ducted type takes time before cooling your home especially if you haven't been home in a long time. This is because it doesn't give instant cold or heat.

Use Thermostats Properly

If your thermostat is in auto operation mode, you should never move the control more than two degrees Celsius. Failing to take this into account means that you will have a sudden change from cooling to heating and vice versa.

Once you've bought your air conditioner, have it installed by a reputable company. Also, make sure you undertake routine repairs and maintenance to make sure it lasts longer.

Keep the Filters Clean

Before and after the summer period make sure that your air conditioner's filters are clean. It is also advisable that your outside unit is situated far from growing shrubs and trees. This will help keep the filters clean which in turn keeps the air around your home fresh and clean.

Change the temperature and mode

This may seem obvious to a large number of homeowners, but it is one of the aspects that can be easily overlooked. By setting your air conditioner to cooling mode before the start of summer, your AC wouldn't accidentally be on heating mode as you begin the hot summer months.

Check Your Louvres

For homeowners that have a split system air conditioner, chances are that the louvres may be directed downwards. Hot air rises and having the louvres directed downwards can make sure that there is optimal air circulation during winter.

When it comes to the hot summer weather you should consider positioning the louvres towards the ceiling. This way, when the cool air falls it can be evenly distributed in your room. Thanks to features like 3D auto flow, you are guaranteed to have a cool room every time you start your unit.

Have a Functional Main Drain

The moment you notice constant fall from your safety drain outlet, you may want to consider calling an AC expert to check it out. There are chances that your main drain may be blocked or needs to be cleaned.

Your AC will not work optimally if it is overworked. If the drain outlet isn't checked, it can be difficult for your air conditioner to balance indoor and outdoor temperature.

If you need help with the air conditioning in your home, talk to an HVAC service in your area.