Is Your Air Conditioning Doing Enough? Three Signs You Might Need To Upgrade Your AC

Air conditioning is one of the most important features in any home or business across Australia. Not only does it ensure that summers are survivable, but it also can be of great comfort on the colder winter mornings. However, air conditioning units need to be appropriately serviced and of the correct size to be able to effectively work. If you notice some of the following red flags, then it could be a sign your air conditioning is too old or is broken. Either way, a new air conditioning unit could be just the solution you are looking for before summer kicks in.

Dead Spots

Dead spots are areas in your building that don't seem to be affected by the air conditioning. Either they are too hot in summer or too cool in winter. This implies one of two things: your home is not well ventilated and you may need to install ducted air conditioning, or that your unit does not have a big enough engine to fulfil all your needs. Either way, it is a good idea to talk to an HVAC contractor about your air conditioning, as they may have some advice you haven't considered on how to make your home or business feel more comfortable. 


If your air conditioning is leaking any sort of fluid, then you need to get it looked at right away. This problem is far more common on older models, but a leaky air conditioning unit is still a possibility with modern variants as well. This leaking indicates that some internal systems in the unit are not behaving properly, as this fluid or condensation should not be draining outwards. Often repairs for air conditioning units can be more expensive than a new version would be, so make sure to check the market before agreeing to any repairs.

Vents/Directional Blades Not Working

If you have a split system air conditioning unit, then it directs the cool/hot air through the use of directional blades. If these stop working, then the air conditioner will only cool a very small area. Older air conditioners generally start having this malfunction, and it gets increasingly hard to fix. If you have ducted air conditioning and one of your vents stops working entirely, then you should call for an HVAC expert. Either there is a block in your system (very unlikely) or some of the main components in the motherboard have broken down. The longer you wait, the bigger chance these become permanent, so don't waste time. 

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