4 Ways to Keep Your Office Cool in Summer

Offices can be stuffy places at the best of times, but when summer temperatures soar, the heat can become unbearable. Here are a few ways to help your employees stay cool.

 1. Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Commercial air conditioning systems need regular maintenance to enable them to bring your office down to a comfortable temperature. If your air conditioner seems to be less effective than it used to be, it is time to schedule a maintenance check. A qualified HVAC technician can test the various parts of your air conditioning system to ensure they are working well, replace any that are malfunctioning, and clean and tune the system to help it work as efficiently as possible. This kind of check could not only make your office feel cooler and fresher but also save you money on your cooling bills and reduce the chance of your commercial air conditioning system breaking down.

2. Generate Less Heat

The typical office contains a lot of heat-generating equipment. Computers, printers, photocopiers, and other types of electronic devices all create heat, which can contribute to increasing the overall temperature of your office. Turn off appliances that are not in use to save energy and help keep your office cool. An automatic shut-off procedure can turn computers off at the end of the day, while posters remind employees to switch off devices after they have finished using them.

3. Avoid the Greenhouse Effect

Sunlight streaming through windows on a sunny day can add a surprising amount of heat into an already overheated room. Reduce this effect by installing blinds over the windows to eliminate direct sunlight. Slatted blinds are perfect for this purpose, as they allow a small amount of indirect daylight to enter while blocking out the blazing sun that creates too much indoor heat. Curtains and fabric blinds can also be effective, but they need to be thick enough to block the radiant heat.

4. Cool the Building at Night

Even in the height of summer, outdoor temperatures generally drop by a significant amount at night. Open vents at the end of the day to allow as much air transfer as possible during the night. If it is safe to do so, you could also leave windows open overnight to improve ventilation. Of course, if your office space is on a low floor of the building, this tip could compromise your security. Look into installing better ventilation systems that give you control over how air transfers between the inside and outside of your office space.