Residential Air Conditioning Replacement: 3 Clear Indications That Your AC Unit Has Outlived Its Life

As the summer approaches, you need to take the necessary measures to prepare for scorching weather. Your priority at this time should be to ensure that your home is properly cooled before the onset of the hot period. Air conditioning maintenance is necessary if you want to go through the season without challenges.

If your cooling unit is not in top shape, make the necessary repairs to ensure that it's fully functional by the time summer starts. However, if the unit displays the following signs, it might have outlived its life and needs to be replaced.

1. Strange Sounds When You Turn on the Unit

This sign is the first clear indication that your air conditioner is on its last leg. A properly functioning cooling unit should operate on undetectable noise levels. So, if yours is noisier than usual, it might be time to upgrade it.

Grinding, squeaking, chattering, or any other strange sounds depicts extensive wear and tear on the internal components, and because of that, the unit can cease functioning at any time. In this situation, full replacement might be better than replacing all the broken parts.

2. Bloated Electricity Bills

If you've been receiving bloated electricity bills for the last few months, the culprit could be your old cooling system. Naturally, an old air conditioning system tends to work excessively hard to cool down the home. As a result, it consumes more power than it should.

The situation might worsen when the summer sets in if you ignore it, because you have to run the system around the clock during summer. It means your energy bills will continue skyrocketing if you don't replace your AC unit in good time. Therefore, it is advisable to organize a replacement with your contractor before the onset of the hot season. 

3. Insufficient and Contaminated Air Flow

Insufficient or contaminated airflow indicates that your AC is failing. The problem might be resulting from clogs in the ductwork that might be hindering proper airflow. It could also be due to faulty components that are interfering with the cooling functionalities of the equipment. Whatever the reason, replacing it is the best option to keep it functioning optimally through summer.

A faulty air conditioner can consume a significant amount of your money in endless repairs. So, if you notice any of the signs above, call your HVAC contractor to replace the unit. You will enjoy your summer with a new and fully-functional unit. 

For more information about residential air conditioning, contact an HVAC contractor in your area.