5 Ways Gas Heating Beats Electric

The debate over gas or electric heating has raged for many years. While both systems have their pros and cons, gas heating has some important advantages that should not be overlooked. Here are a few ways that gas heating might be a better choice for you. 

1. Gas Heating Quickly Heats a Home

Gas heaters are typically able to generate heat much more rapidly than electric heaters. As a result, the home quickly reaches the desired temperature, which means that you spend less time shivering and more time relaxing in comfort.

2. Gas Heating Costs Less

The costs of running a gas heating system are typically lower than the running costs of an electric heater. This difference occurs because gas heating scores highly on efficiency. Rather than burning some kind of fossil fuel in a power plant to produce electricity, transferring that electricity to your home, and using it to produce heat, a gas heating system simply burns gas and uses that heat directly.

3. Gas Heating Systems Are Durable

The lifespan of a gas furnace is typically longer than that of an electric heater. Of course, you need to keep on top of maintenance to help your gas furnace to reach its maximum potential lifespan. Schedule regular checks with a trusted gas engineer to ensure your furnace is working well.

4. Gas Heating Is Great During Blackouts

If the power supply to your home is cut off, you cannot use an electric heating system to heat your home. However, you can continue to burn gas to produce heat, even during a blackout. Depending on where you live and the reliability of the local power grid, this advantage could be crucial to you.

5. Gas Heating Can Be Greener

Some people think that electric heating systems must be a cleaner choice than gas heating, as they do not burn anything to produce heat. In reality, the green credentials of an electric heating system depend on how electricity is produced in your region. If your region's electricity comes from a power station that burns coal or oil, then running your electric heating system can actually be more polluting than using gas heating.

Gas is the least polluting fossil fuel as it burns very cleanly compared to oil or coal. As long as your gas heating system is well maintained so that it runs efficiently, gas heating can be an environmentally responsible way of heating your home.