4 Advantages of Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Although the installation process for ducted air conditioning systems is a little more involved than ductless air conditioning installation, the benefits can be very worthwhile. Here are several reasons to install ducted air conditioning rather than a ductless system in your home.

1. Cool the Entire Home

The biggest advantage of ducted air conditioning systems is that they transport cool air to each room in your home. A single main unit cools the air, which it then drives into a series of ducts. These ducts direct the air to the various rooms that you want to cool. You can shut off cooling for certain rooms if you are not using them to save money.

2. Keep Maintenance Expenses Low

Compared to the cost of maintaining a ductless split system, the ongoing maintenance costs for ducted air conditioning can be very low. There is only one main cooling unit, compared to split systems which have multiple units, all of which have a possibility of breaking down and needing repairs. There is a small risk that one of the ducts could develop a tear or leak, but this type of fault typically does not cost too much to fix.

3. Ducted Cooling Is Quiet

When you install a ducted air conditioning system, you can place the main cooling unit outdoors, where any noise that it makes is unlikely to disturb you. The air flowing through ducts is unlikely to make much noise, as the ducts are hidden away behind walls and in crawl spaces.

4. Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

Many people dismiss the idea of installing their first ducted aircon system because they assume that the upfront cost is too high. However, the installation costs for ducted air conditioning are not always more than the costs of installing a different type of system. For example, split systems can be quite expensive to install in a home with many rooms because you have to purchase multiple units to cool the whole house.

Most of the cost of ducted air conditioning installation results from the damage to the home that is a necessary part of installing ducts. You can minimise these costs by scheduling ducted air conditioning installation at a time when you are planning to redecorate your home so that you don't face any extra costs due to needing to repair damage to your walls after duct installation.