Why Split System Air Conditioners Are Perfect For Your Family Room This Winter

Air conditioners are an essential part of home and work-life in Australia, with many systems pumping out precious cold air from morning to night in the peak of summer. However, what many people underrate is just how cold many parts of Australia can get during the winter. Most people focus solely on choosing an air conditioner that is best at cooling the whole house during summer and completely ignore how well it can heat a room in winter. Read More 

3 Reasons to Book an Air Conditioning Survey Before Installing a New System

It isn't always easy to choose a new air conditioning system. If you think you want to try out a different system to your current one or have never used air conditioning in your home before, then it makes sense to call an installation company and ask for their advice before they give you a quote. How does this kind of survey help? 1. Find the Right System for Your Home Read More 

How to Choose Your HVAC Installation Contractor

If you've had enough of those overly long and extremely humid Australian summers, then you may be about to bite the bullet and install an HVAC system. Yet there is no such thing as an "off-the-shelf" system, and if your contractor tells you that there is, you may need to shop around. What is the correct approach when it comes to installing a system from scratch? Custom Approach Most HVAC contractors will take a good look at the property and help to design a system that is custom made. Read More