Is Your Air Conditioning Doing Enough? Three Signs You Might Need To Upgrade Your AC

Air conditioning is one of the most important features in any home or business across Australia. Not only does it ensure that summers are survivable, but it also can be of great comfort on the colder winter mornings. However, air conditioning units need to be appropriately serviced and of the correct size to be able to effectively work. If you notice some of the following red flags, then it could be a sign your air conditioning is too old or is broken. Read More 

DIY Maintenance Tips for Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems

When the days begin to get longer and the sun begins to bite, it is a sign that summer is approaching. As such, your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner needs to be in optimal condition for excellent service provision. A thorough clean-up of an AC is mandatory, especially if the unit was sitting idle during the colder months. Notably, neglecting a ducted system will only attract high energy bills, repair bills, and suboptimal cooling. Read More 

Four Causes of Unusual Smells in Your Ducted Air Conditioning System

Are there unusual smells in your ducted air conditioning unit? If so, you shouldn't ignore them. An air conditioner's primary role is to circulate clean air in your home. It should not give off any funky or weird odours. A smelly AC has underlying issues that you should address immediately to avoid further problems. With this in mind, here are four common causes of smells in your ducted AC and what you can do to eliminate them. Read More 

How to Choose the Right Location for Your Split-System Outdoor Unit

If you've decided to go with split-system air conditioning, then you need to choose the right location for your outdoor unit. While the location of your indoor unit plays some part here, you also have to factor in external conditions and how they might affect your system and how smoothly it works. What should you look for? A Ventilated Space Your outdoor unit should ideally sit in an area with good ventilation around it. Read More 

What Your Household Stands To Gain When You Install Ducted Reverse-Cycle Air Conditioning

Whether you are shopping for your first air conditioning system or a replacement unit, the first thing that you will realise is that these systems are available in a vast range of options. The reason behind their diversity can be attributed to the fact that different types of units will meet varying needs of households, so it is best to establish what you want from your AC system when in the market for a new one. Read More