See When an AC Technician Should Repair Your Split System

A lot of homeowners use split air conditioning systems to make their indoor environment more habitable. The system is popular because it is easy to install, affordable, and provides efficient cooling for the entire home. However, proper maintenance is critical if you want to lengthen the unit's lifespan and make it an incredible investment in your home.  But although you will do your best to keep the split system in perfect shape and efficient, it will develop problems and some of its components could also become faulty. Read More 

4 Ways to Keep Your Office Cool in Summer

Offices can be stuffy places at the best of times, but when summer temperatures soar, the heat can become unbearable. Here are a few ways to help your employees stay cool.  1. Maintain Your Air Conditioner Commercial air conditioning systems need regular maintenance to enable them to bring your office down to a comfortable temperature. If your air conditioner seems to be less effective than it used to be, it is time to schedule a maintenance check. Read More 

Why Do Gas Heaters Malfunction?

Modern air conditioning systems have different ways of warming your house during cold weather. Gas heaters are one of the methods they use to heat air and deliver it a suitable temperature for your indoor space. When the gas heater malfunctions, the effects manifest in several ways, with the worst being the heater's inability to bring in the air at the right temperature. Thankfully, you can solve most of the problems here by using comprehensive do-it-yourself guides or consulting an HVAC specialist to examine your equipment. Read More 

Factors to Consider Before an Air Conditioning Installation

Installing an air conditioning system in your home does not merely involve buying an AC unit and calling an expert to install it. Although a randomly selected AC may heat and cool your home, it may not work efficiently. Air conditioning installations vary depending on individual house needs. Here are some of the factors to consider before an air conditioning installation. A Professional Evaluation The first thing you need to do before choosing an AC unit is to schedule a contractor evaluation. Read More 

4 Advantages of Ducted Heat Pump Systems

If you are looking for an environmentally sustainable method of cooling and heating your home, a ducted heat pump system could be the perfect choice. Here are a few advantages of this kind of system. 1. Cool or Heat Ducted heat pump systems can both heat and cool your home. Heat pump technology uses expansion and compression to extract heat from the air outside, even when the outdoor temperature is low, and pump it into your home. Read More